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One of my earliest memories is sitting on the countertop in the kitchen watching my Mum cook dinner.  I was often allowed to help, at first stirring something, later graduating onto chopping onions until I remember asking for a recipe book and the chance to make something by myself.  I have always been fascinated by food, where it comes from, how to cook it, reading about, cooking it and of course eating the final product.  By the age of 10, I owned three books; Ken Hom’s Chinese Food, an introduction to cooking aimed at children by Fay Maschler and my […]


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As a frugal student in 1997, I remember walking to the local Safeway (now a Waitrose in a very smart shopping centre) which had it’s own wine shop adjacent to the main supermarket that looked deceptively small from the outside but extended quite a way back with an impressive quantity of wines, most importantly, there was always a dozen white and a dozen red available for under £4.  I used to walk there with a friend (let’s call him ‘Richard’ because that in fact, is his real name) and we would studiously read the labels of the sub £4 bottles, […]


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If I was offered the opportunity to eat out five days a week on the condition that I had to write a cogent review of each meal, I would bite your hand off (and then possibly comment that your hand was a little undercooked, the sauce a little thin and the taste was unfamiliar).  Where did this love of restaurants come from?  A combination of a love of food, parents who encouraged me to try different things and episodes such as this below: It’s 1988, aged 10 I’m out for lunch with my parents at a French restaurant.  The waiter who […]

The Fat Duck

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I visited The Fat Duck in May 2010 for lunch with Lucy.  Below is my review. Note the menu and prices have changed since then! On the way to Bray, I wracked my brain in an effort to try and remember just why it was that I hadn’t been to the Fat Duck. I hadn’t even tried to get a table, but if you asked me, it was always on the list of places that I really wanted to go to. My 32nd birthday just happened to provide the ideal opportunity to go. Originally, we had a table booked for […]